Updated: Oct 16, 2020

I guess everybody noticed that October is already here and it means colder days are coming. Every family is different, but mine you could call a real "comfort lovers club", so, as you can guess, we are spending less time outside in Autumn and Winter. Actually, I LOVE to go for a walk when the weather is nice and soft, BUT we have quite cold Autumns here, so we often prefer to stay inside instead bravely endure the rain and icy North's wind.

I know some people say there is no bad weather just the wrong clothes for it, but I do not feel any pleasure to combat cold Northern wind and hail which horribly freezes my face and ... everything else. I do not find anything romantic in this. Sorry.

So, probably everyone, who has kids, knows that children get bored first and sooner or later begins the question - WHAT TO DO NOW?

It wasn't so hard to find out what we could do together while we were living on the traditional 9 to 5 schedule, cause the biggest part of the day we spent separated (husband in the office, older son at school, and me with a baby at home) till the lockdown. Even at the lockdown it wasn't hard for the very first weeks because actually guys find out some new games and activities together, but later boredom slowly came in and I suggested it's time to make a small list with the ideas, what we could do together for the upcoming days when the weather goes bad.

So, here it is.


I find out that a good table game can be the same entertaining and involving as computer games, you just need to choose a good one. Actually, I realised that it can be passionate and intense. And some of them can be very useful and educational. Often a good table game is quite expensive, but keep in mind that you need to invest only once and it can be played for years. Moreover, it's a super nice way to spend more time with your kids and build a great relationship with them. If you still do not have them and need any suggestions, I could mention our family's favourites: SCRABBLE, GUESS WHO, CLUE and ALIAS.


This was one of the favourite activities for my kids during the pandemic lockdown and now it becomes something like our family tradition - to build a little cozy for fort for boys under my home office desk. We usually use blankets, old curtains, and everything we find around. My husband adds little reading light inside that it wouldn't be too dark. Finally, boys put a lot of pillows inside, bring all their toys and here you go- fort is ready to play!


This is a really fun and very creative activity. If you never tried, I encourage you to do it! It's a great way to feel the joy of creating characters and drawing them into your own comics book. There are few ways to do it- you can let your kid create all the characters of the story & join him/her in the storytelling. You can even draw the whole scenario together OR you can create & draw separate stories and after make a show for each other what you have made.


Yeah, it means just simply watch a movie together. BUT you can make it feel as small festive at home and create the mood that this is a SPECIAL movie night with all the attributes. It's so simple to do it- order a few pizzas, make milkshakes together, prepare popcorns, and put them into beautiful popcorn boxes- you can find A LOT of samples on the internet where you can download & print them. I bet your kids will love the idea and you even will not need to cut it cause they can do it by themselves with A JOY (my son shines like sunshine while doing this job :)


Don't know how about you, but we have A LOT of Lego. So, why don't we try to use them all and build our own city together? Later on, if you will find out it's not enough Lego bricks, you can use a lot of other things for building, just turn on your imagination. For example, l would use entry toilet paper rolls and cardboard boxes.

That's it for now, hope it will be useful and let me know if you will try any of these ideas.

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