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To be honest my closet doesn't look very well when you open it. Often it's quite messy cause, when l am in a rush, l just quickly grab all the clothes l can see around me and simply pull everything into the closet. And honestly, l am in a rush quite often cause l have two kids. If you have them too l think you know what i mean ;)

So, while quarantine l decided l should clean up that mess, pile up into the bags all the stuff l don't need and just simply get it out from home. It's hard for me to throw up anything what it is not broken, so l bring it to H&M for an extra discount coupon or just trying to find someone who need or like it and can take it. I do this not only because I am thrifty person (cause I REALLY am) but I know the statistics (don't know if you know) that the fashion industry actually produce a huge amount of waste -an average consumer throws away 70 pounds (31.75 kilograms) of clothing per year, so globally we produce 13 million tons of textile waste each year and l don't want to be that average consumer. In the reality it means that one garbage truck of textiles is dumped to landfills or burned each second! I feel responsible about it and I am keen on living more conscious and sustainable.


Keep in mind this is not a quick job and probably you should give yourself a day for proper results. Depending on the state of your closet, you probably will need 3-6 hours or even more.

Now, when you are ready and all set, there is a step by step guide which was useful for me. How many clothes from your wardrobe do you actually wear? And how many of them just hangs there and waits for some special occasion which never comes?

Let's begin

Let's begin with emptying your closet. Completely empty and ready for the new beggining- wash your wardrobe well, make it really clean and air it out. Do not leave anything inside. Sort items into the following piles:

1. YOUR FAVOURITES pile. They fit you well and you really wear them a lot

2. MAYBE pile. You want to keep them but don’t know why or you wear them rare, but it's a pity to decline them (you know you have those items)

3. NOT WEARABLE pile. If You didn't wear the item 1-2 years or even more it's clear where it should go. You don't need them for sure (you woudn't believe how many of them l found in my closet :D absolute non-sense)

4.DONATE pile. These items don’t fit my body or my lifestyle (yeah, all that "I will wear it someday or when l will loose some weight" stuff :D )

Second part

Be honest with yourself”

Now, when you make these 4 piles, l recommend you to take a second pass at your second pile (as we called it MAYBE). Take your time and try on clothing you aren’t sure about and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Would I go to the store and buy this today?

  2. Will I wear this in the next 6 months?

Be honest with yourself before answering and if the answer is no, it's time to put it in a DONATE pile immediately and forget about it. Out of sight. Give it away to a favourite charity, homeless shelter, or local do-gooder thrift shop and feel good about.

...And the job is done

You’ve done the hardest part of the work already, so take the next step and experiment and try to dress with less. But let's talk about it in the next blog post which will be about capsule wardrobe- I will definately will try to make it and will let you know how it goes. Now you can put the remaining items back in your wardrobe, close it and celebrate with a glass of champagne! :)

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