A while ago l wrote a post about the basic knowledge and base rules of the capsule wardrobe concept. As I mentioned there I loved the idea so much that I decided to give it a try and follow these rules to create my own capsule wardrobe.

The basic reason why I want to try capsule wardrobe is that l had a HUGE closet full of clothes and still occasionally I have a problem to dress up. It's called "nothing to wear". To be honest, finally I just got tired of this and wanted to simplified my morning dressing up routine with fewer choices and wear your favourite things everyday.

If you didn't read previous post or just do not remember it, one of the most important things to begin a capsule wardrobe is to find out what is your personal signature style. So after short research and thinking i realised I am in love with a classy minimal look but usually have some edgy details in my look (like my short pixie hair). Okay, so this part is done.

After signature style research....

My very next job was to check out the stuff I have and pick up the pieces and thought could work on my capsule wardrobe. I hanged it all on the rail and realised WHY I always had this problem to dress up- it was clear all my favourite peaces doesn't matches to each other cause they all are different colours, patterns or styles. This really opened up my eyes and I was so glad I did it!

So it was obvious I must make a very clear list of must haves (clothes, shoes and accessories), change my shopping habits and firstly get the very BASIC wardrobe items as soon as possible. It was important and crucial for me cause I realised have a lot of strange or very original stuff, but I don't have the very basics.

It really took AGES to find all my owned peaces on internet, but if you are interested how looks the final result of my very first capsule wardrobe , here it is - maybe it will inspire you to create your own :)

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