So, this is the last week of October and it's time to think about Halloween. I know some people put a lot of effort and time to decorate their home & create fantastic costumes for Halloween, but I must admit I am not one of them. First of all, I am a working mom, so do not have time to spend HOURS or even DAYS preparing for something who will last so short.

On the other hand, I should confess I am a lazy mom and hardly can imagine myself baking & decorating the whole night (yes, cause in the daytime I am working) instead of resting. Yeah, I do these things (baking & decorating I mean) but I always prefer to do this in a quick & smart way and it still goes quite well.

You may ask, what do I mean? So, I mean, before putting my time and effort I always ask myself- how much of my time it costs? For example, my boys need Halloween costumes and I don't have any skills in sewing. So, it's much easier and practical for me to buy something pre-made like this or this one instead of wasting my time trying to learn sewing & try to make it by myself and, of course, doing it in the evenings, when I am already tired after a hard long day. Moreover, I keep all the old Halloween stuff we have from the last 5 years and trying to find ways to re-use and creatively re-make old costumes we have instead of buying new ones every year. For example, when my son was 4 years old, ha wanted to be a vampire, so I bought him a vampire set similar to this one (we bought from Asda but I do not find anything similar in their e-shop now). So, he was a vampire, and the next year he wanted to be someone different so I offered for him to create a Frankenstein's look with the same cope and it was super easy- just needed to paint his face green, add some sewing marks & fix his hair into the right position.

Okay, maybe it's not so hard to find a Halloween costume on the budget for kids, but how about moms? As I said before I am quite lazy about all this preparing in advance, so obviously I want my costumes every year would be quick, easy to make, and without too much investment into it. So, I decided to make a quick experiment. The whole idea was to give myself 30 minutes, use ONLY the stuff from my closet (and our old Halloween decorations box, of course) to create at least a few looks, suitable for Halloween.

First at all, I remembered that my older son asked to be a ghost this year, and, keeping this in mind, I put aside an old, wore & tore bed sheet for this purpose. When my 30minutes began ticking I decided to make the holes for eyes here & now and try it on. So in less than 5minutes, I become a mom- Ghost, which, honestly, wasn't very comfortable (cause you always must think about your hands and do not lift them too high or everyone will enjoy the view of your ass :D ). BUT I would definitely wear it if have another 10 minutes to improve it and add holes for hands.

The second look was born when I saw my black & white striped top, hanging in the closet and then I thought "wait a minute... I can be a thief!" And yes, actually it took me less than 5 minutes to dress up ( striped top, black jeans, black shoes... voila, I have a costume!) Another 10 minutes I spent drawing a black mask on my face and it was super duper easy, no skills needed at all. After this all I needed was an accessory- a bank robbers bag for the money and I simply took a black garbage bag (a new one, of course, without the smelly rubbish) and here it was- me, totally ready for the Halloweens party in less than ... 15 minutes?

And the last one idea, by the way, very traditional, but still very easy to make- a witch. Probably everyone, who celebrated Halloween at least once, has a witch hat. So do I :) I found it in our Halloween stuff box together with the striped tights I bought a few years ago, so all I needed was a simple black dress. Longer is better (at least for me), but short fits too. So I just dressed up in a few minutes and could spend the last 8 or 7 minutes working on the witch makeup.

As you can see I managed to create 3 different looks for Halloween in the 30 minutes, so it's obvious you can make it too ;)

Good luck and let me know, what will you be this Halloween and how long it takes for you to prepare?

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